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Ela Lesnikowska Friends 2: Test Book (+ CD)

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Ela Lesnikowska Friends 2: Test Book (+ CD)


Support for everyone. Emphasis on vocabulary. Motivating, memorable and fun for young students. Dual entry flexibility. Culture, Reading and Skills Corners provide lots of practice in all four skills, with particular attention to reading. Skills strategy boxes give step-by-step guidance in skills development. Friends builds confidence with grammar and vocabulary taught in three clear steps - presentation, comprehension and practice. Friends involves students with a variety of different contexts including humour, fiction, real-life and cross-culture. Consistently clear. Vocabulary is presented and practised in lexical sets, making it easier to learn and remember. Friends is a flexible 4-level course with two entry points - Starter for complete beginners and Level 1 for false beginners. Variety, humour, interest. Tests, projects, games and songs, plus a huge variety of support material provide for ALL your... Special skills sections.

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