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C.E. Van Ginkel Eutrophication South Africa

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C.E. Van Ginkel Eutrophication South Africa


Eutrophication related problems are highlighted, including their ecological, social and economic impacts, which provides a basis for the formulation of further research needs. Impoundments provide the perfect habitat for cyanobacterial and macrophyte growth if nutrients are available in excess. These two most important symptoms of eutrophication are a health threat and have serious financial implications for management. Over the last century eutrophication has become an increasing threat to the usability of freshwater resources in the semi-arid South Africa, especially in the systems downstream of large urban developments. Eutrophication is a serious problem worldwide. The book is the first to give an overview of eutrophication related research... Despite legislation moderating the discharge of phosphorus from selected wastewater treatment works since the 1980s, eutrophication of freshwater resources in South Africa is now widespread and more management options need to be implemented.

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